Posted by: dropapebble | April 13, 2010


Listen to that.


Is it getting hot in here, or IS JUST ME?


On to business.

Dear Life,

I cordially and wholeheartedly accept your declaration of war and counter it with one of my own. I have received preparations for your siege on myself and connecting allied properties, and would like to remind you that I have not changed my mind.

It is not my intention you should continue, nor your right, when it comes to the perpetual badgering of my soul and happiness. I concede that I will likely not win out in the end, and will likely only achieve rather more exciting contentment sprinkled with sorrow rather than blighted happiness, but this I have outlined in my previous letter.

I warmly regard your sentiments as fair in vague sort of way and do not reprimand you personally for this, although the statement that you are indeed, a bitch, is turning out quite true.

However, I hope to wring victories along the road from you and encourage you to counter with what you will. I accept all comers because I must, and until Death ends our struggle, I retain the right to keep getting back up and trying again.

Yours in blood, yours in determined, almost insanely driven love,



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