Posted by: dropapebble | July 12, 2010

A summer folly

So, a quick update. I know I haven’t really been on this. I guess I just truly don’t want enough to be some internet megastar with lots of readers. I mean, it’d be really great, especially if I could get them to buy a book I wouldn’t mind publishing some day, but you know.


So, I went for it, I dashed about, let it all be, was upfront, took chances…

and ended up looking silly, a fool, and very sexy at alternate moments. ^__^; No, but really, after all that nonsense, I’m still single. But I suppose the experience was worth it. Actually, I don’t know. It gave me something to do, and I’ve grown from it all. I think I was already in a process of dealing with relationships well, but at least I’ve gone there: I’ve dropped the rock.

You see, you HAVE TO risk relationships to keep them. Think on that one. Be safe and never know. Or how about stay in a comfortable situation for the wrong reasons because it’s familiar and feels right, and NOT because it’s making anyone TRULY content? IN other words, don’t settle, if they’re real friends, if they meant those words (they call them sweet nothings for a reason, so folks!), then they’ll be around. Or maybe you weren’t really as alike or clicking as you originally thought. After all, we tend to rosy up and ignore little things and focus more on what will enable us to like someone more just for the chance and feeling of it.

So that’s that. I’m right where I started, yet maybe I got ahead in the race when I got turned around somewhere. In fact, I’m always game to get back INTO the game…but I don’t mind looking all the tables over for a while before making a choice at where to sit down for the long haul, for that one and only great prize. Hell, I might just stroll around and enjoy myself and see if anyone tugs my at my elbow to tell me to sit just. right. there. 😉

On the other hand, it could be  a lot MORE nonsense, and I’m just tumbling and laughing my way through all the trials or tribulations. Or something like that, I think.

You, my non-existent readers, should definitely give this a try, nothing like saying you were being fearless for a project to give you an excuse to push away any embarrassment (or, duh, fear that stops you!). I mean, you WERE just doing it to ‘experiment’, right, so it’s okay if you looked stupid. You were supposed to for excellent, or sometimes varying, results. 😉


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