[PSSSST: I also write for The Examiner HERE.]

I see.

I know…

…at times, alike. It is only clear to me, and this has been the state of things for years since the pharse “Cerca Dalea” came to me one night, that it is only clear to me what that phrase means. I like to keep it that way, leaves everyone something to wonder when all else is done and told. When the storyteller runs out of spun stories, it is important to have something left in one’s soul, so to speak, that is one’s own and kept softer to a heart than a sharp secret, so that more strings may spring and ensure said storyteller does not starve (for one always needs wares and skills to sell)

I’m what people would call a pessimist bordering on nihilist, but in reality it’s called realism; at the same time, I am a closet optimist. I love balance,  you see. I find it a necessary thing.

I love or care for all who come to me for it with open hearts (and even some who are naught but dark, or lost and merciless), and I do not even ask you to do so back. But, as someone very wise once said, the greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return. I believe this wholeheartedly and would like you to try it one day.

All knowledge is power, so I try to learn as much as it as I can, be as skilled as many skills as possible. I practice violin, and hope to play it one day [;)]. I participate in NaNoWriMo (I recommend it to the stalwartly insane) and write novels when I’m not pretening to be a clever little blogger. I draw pretty well, too, but am trying to have a slightly more realistic job of a journalist or magazine advice columnist. Frankly, I would enjoy the most to be an English or History teacher. And write on the side.

This blog, then, is about (and I assure you, read this in the most grandest and dramatic of tones) being heard, listening, and anything and everything. I shall try my best to put it in either the most elegant way or the most entertaining way I know how to make following it enjoyable. And if no one should like it…at least I have somewhere to rant, eh?

[Let it be known that I would have put up a picture I’d painted myself of equal quality (or better, depending which one I have up right now) if I were not so paranoid that not everyone would be as kind as me to let everyone know it wasn’t them who made it.Instead enjoy a misleading photo of myself.]

Long days and pleasant nights, ladies and gentlemen.

PS: I also write for The Examiner HERE.

Please read (or view!), we’re all starving something or another somewhere!


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